The molecular foundation of health. Nutritional support in regular programs will take the form of recommended resources and articles on the web, and conversation and Q&A’s before/after classes as time allows. Nutritional support for personal training clients will be more in-depth, and may include (all PT programs are custom-made) nutrition tracking, grocery consultation, meal plans, supplementation, and other services.

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You are a unique individual, and your personal program will be too. Personal Training programs are custom-tailored to each client.

You’ll get workouts designed to drive you optimally towards your goals; and as much or little as you want of nutritional support, data tracking, and life coaching. Complementary work with other professionals will be recommended as appropriate. Equipment packages and home training programs available.

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Experienced in various methods:

  • Functional fitness: Full ROM movements, emphasizing core stability and patterned on real-life functional applications
  • CrossFit: Metabolic conditioning  aka mixed-mode high-intensity training
  • Minimalist training no equipment or basic equipment, ie. bodyweight, jump rope, floor, odd objects
  • Barbell strength & power: Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting disciplines
  • Basic gymnastics pulling and pushing movements, muscle ups, balance, tumbling, lever progressions
  • GTG: Grease The Groove aka park bench/bus stop/office break strength & conditioning
  • Snowboard training Emphasizing “agile power”: explosive asymmetrical movements, rotation + coordination-precision-balance, core & leg stamina, cardio for shredding and hiking


  • knowledge
  • bodyweight
  • barbell
  • kettlebells, dumbbells
  • gymnastics rings, TRX system
  • rowing ergometer
  • swissball
  • jump rope


  • Train movements, not muscles – cliche but relevant
  • Develop a strong, stable low back: avoid movement of lumbar vertebrae, ESPECIALLY under load
  • Maximize ROM: full functional range of motion in dynamic movements, almost always
  • Broad spectrum exercise: across functional categories; general movement skills; rep ranges; intensities; and loads
  • Strength and power are indispensable structural and metabolic foundations; there is no substitute for load and intensity
  • Address individual needs: joint-by-joint stability and mobility, and progressive workouts designed for your goals, for your joints, for your capabilities


  • Certified personal trainer since 2007
  • 1,100 hours combined Anatomy, Physiology, Assessment and Massage at Kikkawa College Of Massage Therapy (Ontario)
  • CanFitPro PT, NSCA-CPT, CrossFit Level One Trainer, BCWA Weightlifting, CASI Level Three Instruction & Level One Course Evaluator, standard first aid
  • Personal inspiration drawn from martial arts (Kung Fu), yoga, mountains and rivers.