Get Inspired

In 2007, for me, it was seeing the movies “300” and “Peaceful Warrior”, along with discovering CrossFit, that inspired me to pursue extraordinary fitness for myself and as a coach. I wrote a brief blog post about it at the time – not describing those details, but expressing my declaration and my passion for a possibility that was amplified and made new for me at that time – extraordinary fitness.

Here’s what I wrote:




For the past year or so I’ve been entertained and intrigued by many of the horoscopes by Rob Brezsny, published in our local paper (

This is my most recent one, and it’s a perfect fit with my life right now.

Here’s what George Sheehan wrote in Running and Being, his book about running: “If you want to win anything–a race, your self, your life–you have to go a little berserk.” For a limited time only, I’m endorsing that strategy for your personal use, Cancerian. While I do love your sensitivity and subtlety, right now I’d like to see you get half-crazy in a ferocious devotion to the noble dream you love best.

I’m taking this on as my manifesto of the moment:

Getting half-crazy-berserk in ferocious devotion to the noble dream I love best – extraordinary fitness.