Hi! My name is Mike Peiman, and I founded Get The Fitness out of a desire to facilitate extraordinary fitness. I’ve been an instructor of movement since I started teaching snowboarding in 2000, and have been a personal trainer since 2007, with multiple certifications.

I moved to Pemberton with my wife Melissa this May, 2013. Our daughter Kaya was born this August. I’m a new dad, and I love it! I’m aiming to keep training commitments between noon and evening time, but will consider morning commitments for the right clients.

I have an engineering mindset coupled with a holistic worldview. I’m always seeking a better way to do anything and everything. It can be a challenge to balance perfectionism and practicality, but I do my best to keep it real. I love to teach and coach, I have a very effective approach to fitness and nutrition, and I hope to help you reach your goals.


To coach movements, teach methods, and instill principles which help people achieve extraordinary fitness


A world that supports the health of 100% of humanity and the healing of our planet

Professional courses & certifications:

  • 2000: CASI Level One Instructor
  • 2004: 1,100 hours Massage Therapy
  • 2005: CASI Level Two Instructor
  • 2007: CASI Level Three Instructor
  • 2007: CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • 2007: BCWA Weightlifting
  • 2008: CASI Level One Course Evaluator
  • 2009: CrossFit Level One Trainer
  • 2011: NSCA Personal Trainer