The Pursuit Of Fitness

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The pursuit of fitness can be a joyless, grinding affair, beginning with a new year’s commitment and ending in disappointment, resignation, and wasted effort. Or, it can be an empowering, lifelong journey of realizing your unique human potential; looking, feeling, and performing better; and becoming your best self.


If you believe the extent of fitness to be boring machine-based exercise driven by ego-centric goals, or a joyless obedience to exhausting routines and calorie-restricted diets, please allow me to shatter your preconceptions and introduce a much greater possibility.




Fitness is much more than most people give it credit for. It encompasses performance, health, and lifestyle. It is about our brains, bones and immune system, not just muscle mass. It is about vitality, hormonal balance, and regeneration, not just weight loss. It is about cultivating self-knowledge, confidence, and a pursuit of excellence, not just physical skill.


In this multi-part series, I’ll share with you the core perspective and attitude which will elevate your pursuit of fitness from physical drudgery to a life-transforming pursuit. I’ll define functional fitness, and discuss the three major goals of fitness, as well as some important additional benefits. The final article in the series will outline the basic principles and practical components of an effective approach to exercise and nutrition.


What does it the possibility of extraordinary fitness mean to you? Tell me about it in the comments!


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