This TED Talk Challenges Convention On Metabolic Disorders

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Kudos to Peter Attia for having the courage and compassion to voice this so humbly and sincerely – and to challenge convention to rethink this. It takes courage and great humility to speak the way he did, especially considering his audience – a room largely dominated by very successful doctors and scientists, at TEDMED 2013.

Check out the video here:


As a fellow human being, my gratitude to him for opening his heart. ¬†As a fellow health professional (despite my being a “layperson”), my gratitude to him for opening his mind. And as a global citizen, my gratitude to him for sharing better knowledge.

However, I disagree that we can’t prescribe better today.


Dr. Attia says it will take more research to find definitive answers:

“I know it’s tempting to want a prescription right now – eat this, not that.”
“But if we want to get it right, we’re going to have to do much more rigorous science to write that prescription.”

Not so. I want more hard research for sure – many of the studies to date have glaring holes in them at least – but we know enough. It appears from my research that the science on fat metabolism has been clear since the 1960’s at least. What’s been screwed up has been assumptions, interpretations, and the politics of it.

As a health and fitness professional, and even moreso as a human being with a scientific and engineering mindset, I have a prescription to offer. Here it is:

My Prescription to reverse/avoid metabolic syndrome/diabetes(II):

1. Feed the lean body mass: Favor protein in your diet over carbs
– Practical advice: shop for protein by price/unit
– Aim for protein:carb ratio around 1:1 (as a guideline, with plenty of flexibility per-meal)
2. Favor whole plant-based foods
3. Avoid processed and refined fats, sugar, and starch
4. Source matters: eat organic whenever possible; animal sources naturally-raised free of hormones, antibiotics, GMO feed – grassfed matters to the lipid profile and vitamins

1. Exercise hard enough to stimulate muscular and metabolic adaptation
– Recover well:
1. Utilize immediate post-workout window for recovery nutrition favoring protein
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Sleep well and sufficiently

1. Avoid toxins (plasticizers, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, pharmaceuticals)

That’s my general prescription. What’s yours? Anything to add, amend, or disagree with in this? I’d love to hear about it, please leave a comment below!]]>

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