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Folks I've had the pleasure of helping to reach their goals

This has been the best fitness experience of my life

Great coaches are not just those who can program for you and/or spend some time training you, but those who truly care about you as they do so – this is Mike

One of Mike’s great strengths as a coach is his ability to demonstate every technique with detail and step by step

Mike’s attitude is excellent. Friendly, supportive, encouraging, challenging, always upbeat

I have achieved a level of fitness that I would never have reached in a traditional gym environment

I was doing things I didn’t believe were possible!  Thanks Mike for the self-confidence to know that I can push my limits and succeed!

If not for your program I would probably still be sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. Thank you so much!

Mike’s passion for health and fitness is truly inspirational

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I Have A Dream

To help you achieve extraordinary fitness

Strong Foundations

Strong Foundations

Realizing that fitness is a lifelong endeavor, we must build strong foundations and proceed at a sustainable pace.

Keep Learning

Keep Learning

Movement is a skill. Strength is a skill. Focus is a skill. Expert coaching can help reveal weak links and strengthen them. Keep learning.

Training For Life

Training For Life

Train to be ready. Life will always have some surprises in store. The more prepared, resilient, and strong you are, the better it will go.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired

In 2007, for me, it was seeing the movies “300” and “Peaceful Warrior”, along with discovering CrossFit, that inspired me to pursue extraordinary fitness for myself and as a coach. I wrote a brief blog post about it at the time – not describing those details, but expressing my declaration and my passion for a possibility that was amplified and made new for me at that time – extraordinary fitness. Here’s what I wrote:     WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2007 For the past year or so I’ve been entertained and intrigued by many of the horoscopes by Rob Brezsny, published in our local paper ( This is my most recent one, and it’s a perfect fit with my life right now. Here’s what George Sheehan wrote in Running and Being, his book about running: “If you want to win anything–a race, your self, your life–you have to go a little berserk.” For a limited time only, I’m endorsing that strategy for your personal use, Cancerian. While I do love your sensitivity and subtlety, right now I’d like to see you get half-crazy in a ferocious devotion to the noble dream you love best. I’m taking this on as my...

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